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Applied Consultants Inc. has been serving the energy business on a continuous basis since 1991. Applied Consultants' ability to provide quality and cost effective services in a safe manner to our customers is our number one priority. Our staff includes some of the most experienced people in the industry and they are available to assist our customers in all aspects of plant, pipeline, compressor, pump and metering facilities. Applied Consultants has staff and resources available to manage projects of any size. With a customer focused approach to anticipating, understanding and supporting our customers’ needs, we have developed solid relationships with our existing and expanding customer base that continues to separate Applied Consultants from our competitors.

Construction and Project Management

Front-end Project Development Support
Project & Construction Feasibility Analysis and Planning
Field & Desktop Project Routing
Cost Estimating
Cost Control and Tracking
Project & Construction Coordination and Management
Construction Engineering
Quality Control and Documentation
Logistics Coordination
Material Management/Coordination
Operator Qualifications
On-Site Technical Inspection
     Transmission (mainline) pipelines
     Facilities of all kinds
     Truck and Marine loading terminals
     Gathering pipeline systems
     Distribution pipeline systems
     Distribution mains
     Pipeline Integrity
     Pipe Mills, Coating Facilities & Fab Shops
     Vendor hold point
     Tank Farms
     Power Transmission
     Renewable Energy Systems
     Water & Waste Water
     Safety & OQ

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Main Participation States

by Greenwich Strategy and LEK Consulting

Customer Satisfaction and Customer Commentary

Following are the results of interviews and analysis conducted by Greenwich Strategy and LEK Consulting. 

Greenwich and LEK Consulting interviewed key decision makers at Applied’s top 40 customers, covering 80% of Applied’s revenue.

Greenwich Strategy and LEK Consulting reported that these scores are “exceptionally high” relative to the industry based on their prior experience measuring customer satisfaction at many other companies. 

39 out of 40 customers told Greenwich Strategy and LEK Consulting that they could not think of a way Applied should improve.